Monday, November 29, 2010

Bringing Sexy Back

A conversation from a week ago.

Julia: "If you can go on one freebie date with any famous person, who would it be?"

Jake: "What...we're married..."

Julia: "I know, I know, I just meant in the highly unlikely event that it could ever happen, who would you go on a date with? I promise I won't get mad."

Jake: "Umm OK. Angelina Jolie I guess."

Julia: "Good pick, I like her."


Julia: "Do you want to know who I would pick?"

Jake: "Yeah sure."

Julia: "Well it would be a tough choice. Either Ryan Reynolds...or Johnny Depp. Something about him is intriguing."

A couple days later I was at the grocery store getting ready to check out and what did I see? People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue with who on the front...Ryan Reynolds. And as I flipped through it I saw a picture of Johnny Depp and a side note that said he was voted the Sexiest Man Ever.

I have good taste.

And when I told Jake about what I had read I told him not to jealous. Since I had chosen two of the sexiest men ever and since I think Jake's extremely good looking he should be honored.

Who knows when he'll be on that cover. :)

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  1. Yes and Yes to both choices. I also think Jake Gyllenhaal is sexy as heck and just maybe he winds up in my dreams from time to time. Just maybe...