Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Month 3

Dear Rhett,

I'm sorry that this is a few weeks late. You have become a funny, smiley, goofy, playful little man and honestly I have more fun playing with you than doing any of my other chores. Which is why our laundry pile is starting to resemble Mount Everest.

In the morning we've started bringing you into bed with us to snuggle. It's one of my favorite times of the day. You love to snuggle and usually you fall back asleep, which we love. If you don't want to sleep you love to play and give us big goofy grins and giggles. We sing songs and take our time getting up. You have helped us slow our lives down and helped us have more gratitude for the small, sweet moments.

Rhett you have also become quite the conversationalist. You coo and babble and squeal with so much enthusiasm. You will look at us in the eye and start telling us your stories with your eyes so bright and your legs kicking so fast.

Since you were born you've hated bath time. You would scream and twist around in your tub the whole time. It was a wrestling match and your dad and I had to double team you in order to get you clean. But this month we made an amazing discovery. You love to shower. You don't scream, you smile. You are the cutest naked baby ever. It's impossible not to cover your chubby knees, little Budda belly and round cheeks with kisses. Or if it's your dad, with zerbers.

This month you have started to love your play mat. And your biggest achievement is that you can grab on to the rings and toys and shake them around. You love to talk to Mr. Octopus who hangs from play mat. You squeal with happiness when you make your rattle shake.

You are no longer my little newborn. I can't call you my itty bitty anymore. You are my little Mr. Man. You are my buddy who dances with me in the kitchen, who loves when I vacuum, who calms down immediately when I hold you, who smiles the biggest for your dad. You are such a blessing in our life. We love you Rhett Rhett

Mom and Dad

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  1. Such a fun age. My favorite "baby" time was always about 4-7 months when they smile and play for a little on their own and before they crawl. Enjoy! He sure is a cute little guy!