Monday, June 28, 2010

Ten Reasons

Ten Reasons Why I've Loved Being Pregnant

1. Jake is an all-star at offering foot rubs, back rubs, ear rubs, back scratches, anything that makes me more comfortable.
2. People say you're glowing.
3. I get to feel our baby kicking and squirming inside of me . . . there’s nothing like it!
4. I don’t feel guilty when I eat just as much or even more than Jake, and I am practically EXPECTED to eat chocolate.
5. Having a belly means you're cute. And my belly has never been this firm and tight. :)
6. It isn't bad when the number on the scale gets higher and higher by the week.
7. I've HAD to buy a few new clothing items to fit my new shape.
8. Everyone offers me their seat.
9. Perfect strangers strike up conversations with me in random places like the elevator or the line at the grocery store. Or they just smile at you.
10. Shopping for the cutest baby clothes.


  1. Ok, so a few weeks ago, I was eating something. Probably pizza or a brownie or something bad like that. Anyway, I went to set it on my belly, only to find that I don't have a nice TV tray table of my own anymore. Bummer, huh? Enjoy the last little bit of baby-free life and get excited for the BEST blessing life has to offer...BABIES!!!

  2. not to mention you are a super cute pregnant lady, you are so tiny! it kills me! i just know i will be a blimp when i am pregnant, ah!