Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We babysat for a friend's little girl last weekend. Honestly, I haven't babysat since before my mission, and Jake...well he's never babysat.

The moment came in the evening when the little girl needed her diaper changed.

"No big deal." I thought. Even though it had been awhile since I'd done that, I felt confident that I could totally change the diaper.

At church on Sunday, her mom came up to me and midway through the conversation she said, "Not to burst your bubble, but did you know that you put her diaper on backwards?"

I put the diaper on backwards.

How are we even ready to have a baby!!


  1. My in-laws do that all the time when they babysit the kids- and I never have the heart to tell them! It still does the job though, so who cares if it's backwards ;)

  2. They let my husband put our daughters very first diaper on in the hospital and he put it on backwards. He's the 2nd oldest of 5 kids and had plenty of diaper experience. No worries! You'll be fabulous parents!

  3. I am not even sure how you can put it on backwards. How do you get the tabs done up?

  4. Haha. That is awesome Julia. Did you happen to see those new diapers from Huggies? I guess they tried to make them more "sexy" was the word they used. I couldn't believe my eyes!