Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 31

We just love our little guy. He's a cutie. And a mover and a shaker. We are amazed at how much he loves to dance and flip and shimmy and bounce. He's already a little dancer. When I have the radio playing anything with a good beat he starts to move...a LOT. One of our favorite things to do together is to waltz around the house. Sometimes when he's moving a little too much for my comfort I hold my belly up a little and we waltz in hopes of calming him down a little. I'm sure we'll be waltzing when he get's here too. :)

9 weeks to go. :)


  1. 9 Weeks. Good luck! But it's the last few that are the hardest!

  2. Almost there! Congrats! You are looking adorable too!

  3. You are absolutely Adorable!! I love your guts!!
    I can't believe how soon that baby is coming!! You guys are going to be amazing parents! I love this picture of you!!!You are Beautiful!