Monday, May 10, 2010

So Proud

My Dad is a professor at UK. He's an amazing professor. He learns his student's names, gives them his home number, doesn't choose exorbitant costing text books to use for his students and so on and so forth. Even according to Rate My Professor he's considered pretty awesome.

And I quote:

"Holbein is a GREAT teacher and he actually cares about his students. He is actually a genius and is only teaching because he retired from his real world job."

"Holbein is the best. He is extremely personable, and he is very passionate about what he is teaching, which makes students care as well. I am so sad that I won't be able to have him again!"

"One of the best profs @ UK"

"Awesome laid back dude. Makes class interesting and has a very fun, unique teaching style. "

"A college student's dream teacher."

And my personal favorite: "Reminds me of Dr. Phill"

And his students aren't the only ones to have noticed. He just was awarded the Humana Inventive Professor of the Year Award. This was only given to one professor in all of UK.

Go Dad go. I'm so proud of you! :)

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