Monday, May 3, 2010

The Sandman

A few months ago I blogged about some the of the off the wall dreams I'd been experiencing since becoming pregnant. (As a reminder they included giving birth to cinnamon gummy bears, $1000 worth black lamas, and kissing Taylor Swift's dad.) As we enter the final 12 weeks of pregnancy Jake's sleep patterns are also being affected. He's not so much of a dreamer as he is a sleep walker. Over the past few nights I've woken up to him...

on his knees clawing at the overhead light pretending to be a bear

on all fours surveying the room

and waking me up, with a total serious expression and telling me that we need to counsel about toaster strudels.

He's cute when he's awake, but sometimes he's even cuter when he's asleep. :)


  1. :) So funny! I definitely enjoyed the laugh!

  2. hahaha... julia i just found this blog, and that is so funny is totally made me laugh! oh man, if i woke up to find ben doing that i think i would just die! :)