Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recipie For A Perfect Weekend

(Sorry, it's starts on Friday night)

6 pm: Date night with the husband. In honor of his birthday, dinner at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries with Kyle and Mellisa.
7pm: Salt Lake Bees baseball game including a home run and a proposal.
11pm: Home and ready for bed.

8:30 am: Waking up with out an alarm, make breakfast, do homework and get it out of the way. No more text books the rest of the weekend.
12:00 pm: Lunch,(not that I hadn't been grazing all morning)peanut butter and honey sandwiches, a weekend classic.
1:30 pm: Relax with the hubby.
2:30 pm: Shower and get ready for the day.
4:00 pm: We start to get motivated to leave the apartment for the first time that day.
4:30 pm: Run a couple of errands, one of which involves the buying a killer dress at Target. :)
5:30 pm: Jake gets a new dress shirt and socks.(He loves getting new socks)
7:00 pm: Starving for pizza and to watch the BYU football game.
8:45 pm: On the edge of our seats watching BYU score the game winning touchdown.
9:00 pm: Jumping off our seats as BYU beats Oklahoma!!
9:30 pm: Home again for chips, salsa, and Tositio's cheese dip and Creamies and cuddling while watching a movie.

Relaxing, cuddling,a new dress, a baseball game, junk food, football all with the husband? A very happy weekend indeed.

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