Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Glass: Half Empty or Half Full

I have the flu and a head cold. Blah. Big blah. I've been lying in bed, aching, and wishing I could breath through my nose. And while it's not been the most enjoyable week ever, I have found some good things that come from having the flu. So here is what I've learned, 10 reasons why the flu is miserable and why it's not so bad.

Starting with the miserable reasons:
1. Every bone in my body aches.
2. My nose is raw and red. Just call me Rudolph.
3. I walk around the house with a Hitler like mustache of lotion under my nose, to help with the rawness and redness. So hot.
4. I talk like a man.
5. I breath like a goose.
6. I have gone through 2 rolls of toilet paper and a box of tissues.
7. Everyone asks me if I have swine flu. Usually they ask more than once.
8. My breath permanently smells like cough drops.
9. I can't kiss my husband. :(
10. I sometimes sleep with tissues in my nose.

Now for the good things:
1. I don't have to feel guilty about not cleaning the house.
2. Jake gives me great massages.
3. I don't have to ride my bike to school. I hate the big hill. We drive.
4. I can wear comfy clothes all day.
5. Make-up is not necessary.
6. I've lost 3 pounds.
7. Jake let's me go to bed early. :)

Ok, so I can only think of seven. Still, having the flu does have some advantages.


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  1. Welcome to the family Rhino. You are blessed to be in a such a good home. Julia and Jake are also "sheer awesomeness."