Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Prayer

I'm afraid we missed the mark.

Jake and I try to pray together before we go to bed at night. But one of our major problems is that we always want the other to say the prayer. I feel that whoever says the dinner prayer does not have to say the bedtime prayer. However, Jake bases who says the bedtime prayer on who said it the night before. For example, some days I will say the prayer on the way to school (yes we pray in the car)and at dinner and because Jake said the bedtime prayer the night before, it's up to me to pray that night too. That's alot of prayers.

Maybe we need to be more like our nursery kids and just join in the prayer whenever we feel like it. They do that.

Prayer time should be a reverant time and somehow it almost always turns into wrestle time. That's Jake's fault.

I am usually dead tired by prayer time, so usually I fall asleep during our bedtime prayer. This is really only a problem when I pray, I tend to start verbally praying my dreams. Like about nannies taking care of obese children.


  1. you're so cute!

    we always base it on who said the prayer the night before. on monday nights we always say our fhe closing prayer as our bedtime prayer. so whoever's turn it is (aka who didn't say the prayer on sunday night) will say it and the other will pick the opening exercise stuff and say the opening prayer

  2. haha, we always have a hard time deciding too!

  3. LOL, got to love all the things you get to work through being newlyweds. It's funny cause in our family I normally say the morning prayer and David says the bedtime prayer. (I am normally exhausted by the time we go to bed.) Occasionally he will switch it up, but for the most part that is the schedule that works for us and it makes it really easy to remember whose turn it is to pray. The then he calls on someone to say the meal prayers.