Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Ice Cream Man

This is a story about the ice cream man and his truck.

One fine evening, after a depressing BYU football game, Jake went down stairs to get the laundry. As he was coming up the stairs, through the late summer breeze came the tinkling sounds of It's a Small World After All. As the music wafted over Jake, he saw the ice cream man drive by in his colorful truck holding promises of delicious goodness and childhood memories.

Jake dropped the laundry and took off down the street following the ice cream man. As he was running, he was soon joined by a Hispanic boy pushing his friend in a wheelchair. Racing with long strides all three boys had the same goal...getting ice cream.

After rounding the corner, Jake, the Hispanic boy, and the boy in the wheelchair, caught up with the ice cream man. Joy, pure joy.

Jake made his selection, a Ninja Turtle ice cream treat for him, and for his little wife, a Drumstick (her all time favorite).

He returned home, picked up the laundry, and greeted his wife with a kiss and the ice cream.

The End


  1. that's got to be the best thing i've heard all night. sad day with the cougars' loss

  2. I just love the two of you very much. What a sweet story and treat. I love Jake's enthusiasm for life and his love for you. I love picturing him run after the truck. Too cute. Have a great week full of lots of love and happiness.
    Love, Mom