Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jake' s Hair

Jake and I have been having a debate about his hair. I would like it if he did something a little different with it, some thing will a little more texture. A little more va va voom. We just watched The Proposal (Loved the movie. As I side note I have a crush on Sandra Bullock. Love her) and when the male lead, Ryan Reynolds, came on screen, it hit me, that's what I want Jake's hair to look like.

Jake is already a ten on the handsome scale, but with va va voom hair he would be a 12. Minimum.

Jake's argument against the change-the thickness of his hair. He said, "My hair is too thin. I have anorexic hair."

Anorexic hair...


  1. hahahaha anorexic hair? I love it! ps Jake's hair would look great like that! and isn't that movie the best!? I also have a crush on Sandy so no worries :)

  2. Being the hairstylist that I am... yes jakes hair is thin... But if at the right length this could be pulled off. It would not look exactly the same... but you should definitely attempt it! If he'll let you! haha
    Nate never lets me style his hair... and I always have to cut it the same hahah! Oh well maybe someday haha!