Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Happy Show

That's what we call the most warm-fuzzy show ever, aka Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It gives us goosebumps of happiness. We LOVE it.

Why do we LOVE this show? Well, we don’t know about you, but it is what’s lurking behind that big bus which keeps us absolutely riveted from week-to-week: a house pimped out to the extreme. It's an extremely uplifting show, as the renovated home always belongs to a deserving family. It's extreme transformation. And it’s extremely community-oriented.

You’ll see dingy kitchens get completely tricked out, spa-inspired bathrooms built where icky ones once were, and Olympic-sized swimming pools installed in what were once shabby overgrown yards. It's stuff we know you’d want at your own home - and then some. And Ty and his crew do it from the ground up, adding five-star luxuries and the occasional theme park attraction.

And one of the most astounding things about the show is that it’s a race against time. What they under take is a project that would normally span several months, involving a team of designers, contractors and hundreds of workers. But the glitch is they have just seven days to totally rebuild an entire house!

Before you start getting all jealous, the lucky homeowners always have a heartening back-story: Heroes, community leaders, and a plethora of inspirational families are truly the heart and soul of the show. There's that saying, "home is where the heart is," and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition puts the heart right where it belongs. (USA Today)

Keep a box of tissues handy for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because the tears of joy WILL flow.


Now excuse us while we watch this weeks episode and have a good cry.

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