Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rhett's Blessing

Rhett's baby blessing was supposed to take place on August 22nd when we had both of our families in town. However, I was still in the hospital so instead of delay the blessing we did it in the chapel at the hospital. And the nurses were so wonderful and took me off my IV for an hour so I didn't have to have it in our pictures. I didn't really want that documented.

My wonderful sister-in-law wrote down the key points of the blessing for us to remember.

Rhett's Blessing
  • Blessed to grow strong and healthy
  • Blessed to remember Thee and remember Thy presence and that he can turn to Thee
  • Blessed to know he is loved in this family and that we are grateful he is here
  • Blessed to help others
  • Blessed to know the importance of staying strong
  • Blessed to marry in the temple and serve a mission
  • Blessed to continue on the path that is set for him
  • Blessed to feel the love that is all around him.

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