Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Month One

Dear Rhett,
Oh my little boy, you're one month today. When we brought you home I wondered if we'd even survive to see this day. I'm so grateful for your sweet, peaceful and cheerful disposition. You sometimes can be a fussbudget, but you really are a bright-eyed, curious, snuggly little guy. You've definitely humbled your dad and I. We love you, even though we often seem to have no idea what we're doing. I apologize for the incident with the fast flow nipples on your bottles. Your dad didn't realize you wouldn't be able to drink that fast so you ended up with a mouth full of formula and subsequently a face full as well.

You are quite the eater...really you are on the fast track for becoming a little chunky monkey. You weigh 9 pounds 5 ounces now and were only 7.2 when you were born. We love when you go into a "milk coma" and pass out in the middle eating. And when you make your little cooing sounds when you're eating...we can tell you definitely enjoy your bottle and the snuggle time. You love to grab our shirts with your little fists and hold on so tight. I almost hate to put you down when you fall asleep in our arms because you look so peaceful.

You make the best facial expressions. They're priceless. You go cross eyed so often and when you do you usually stick your tongue out too. When your gassy you pull your chin in get a sweet double chin to accompany your goofy grin.

Some highlights from this past month are the 14 diapers you pooped in in one day, your gassy explosion in front of your Dad's boss, and your ability to blow spit bubbles. We're very proud of you. :)

You are the cutest baby we've ever seen and we love you.

Mom and Dad


  1. He is so dang adorable!!! And so are you Julia!

  2. I LOVE love love the milk comma picture. He is very cute!