Friday, December 11, 2009

Tender Mercies

Sometimes we all receive a blessing that we know we don't deserve. From the shadows that are staring to overwhelm us, comes a beam of light to lifts us...and we know that it is a tender mercy.

A week ago I was paying a health center charge on my BYU financial account and I noticed a charge for almost $4,000. Confused, I asked BYU's financial services why this charge was on my account. As it turned out, we had been given too much Pell Grant money a year ago and we now owed them the money.

4,000 dollars. That is a fortune to a newly married couple. Paying it would wipe out our savings and leave us nothing for the baby. The shadows started creeping in.

We were confused as to why it had taken a year for this charge to show up. We petitioned for a inspection of the claim. We waited. Called. Prayed. Waited. Worried. Prayed. Called.

Then today came the tender mercy. The charge was because BYU had not submitted some of the necessary paper work we had filled out, so we had been awarded too much. It wasn't our fault and BYU accepted responsibility and paid the debt for us. Our $4,000 debt.

Thank you Heavenly Father. Thank you so much.

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  1. that is amazing. i am so glad that it worked out. a real tender mercy!