Thursday, July 7, 2011

Month 11

Dear soon-to-be-not-so-little man,

You are 11 months old. You are a walking machine. We call you the tin man because you are so stiff when you toddle around. Your knees don't bend. And it's adorable. We love when you you flap your arms as you wander and when we hear you babbling in different rooms of the house. You will just take off and not look back.

You love to take walks outside. You LOVE all things dog. When you see one, your little body goes ridged with excitement and you start bouncing and pointing and saying "dod, dod, dod!" We want to get you a dog as soon as we can because you love them so much. But for right now you have your stuffed animals. Which you also adore. I love when you squeeze them and bite their noses. I think you're trying to kiss your own way.

On our daily walks you love to collect treasures. Sticks are your all time favorite but leaves and rocks also make the cut. You all so have a knack for finding any and all garbage littering our path. You're such a little squirle, gravitating toward any shiny wrapper.

You've started throwing tantrums. If we take something away or say no you go limp or stomp your foot and scream through your teeth. Love it. Especially when we're in public. Or better yet at church.

A few more little details. You fell in the tub in Florida and got a nasty gash above your eye. Poor little man. You hated the ocean at first, but loved it at the end. You must eat a whole strawberry at once and won't touch it if I cut one up. You love to look at pictures of your dad when he's at work and when he get's home you are attached to him. During the rest of the day you follow me around telling your stories. You think you're pretty funny because I hear you giggling to yourself when I'm not with you.

We love you more now than ever Rhett! And I'm SO excited for your first're going to have so much fun.

Love, Mom and Dad


  1. Dear Tin Man aka Rhett,

    We love you so much and we miss you. Thank you for being so kind to your Great Grandma Dot when you were in Florida. Thank you for shaking her hand and making her smile. We can't wait to see you in a few short weeks. You are such a good little man. I love hearing you babble on the phone. You say Mama so well. I am glad you love dogs. I love them, too. I look at pictures of you all the time. We love you Rhett so much!

  2. Oh his poor eye! But I've totally been there! I have a small scar on the outer corner of my eye, but with makeup you can hardly tell. That's so awesome he's walking now! One more month Rhett and we get to celebrate your first year! YAY!

  3. Poor little guy with that eye! I can't believe he's already almost a year old. I bet you're having fun making party plans!