Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Internal Struggle

I have principles.

I don't eat gloppy melted cheese.

I always put lotion on after a shower.

I always give Jake 4 kisses before we go to sleep.

I only drink diet when I have soda.

And the kitchen needs to be clean...and right now it's not.

We hosted a Bachelor party for one of Jake's friends tonight.

They ate and then ran. Including my husband.

I told him I wasn't going to clean the kitchen.

But I'm having a really hard time knowing it's messy and not cleaning it.

So which principle do I stand by?

The kitchen needs to be clean, or I said that I wouldn't clean up their mess?

And on top of it all our house smells like 30 lbs of beef brisket.

Jake may not get 4 kisses tonight.


  1. He'll probably feel more guilty if he comes home to a clean kitchen since he knows that you didn't want to clean it. So that's what I would do. That way you feel better about the mess, and he'll have to make it up to you later. :)

  2. Yah...I don't know what I'd do. Tough call...

  3. I like the logic behind that first comment...