Monday, August 3, 2009

Something Old, Something New

What's better than getting new furniture? Getting it from a flea market and restoring it! This is our latest and greatest project and we are so excited to put our handy-man skills to work. Ok honestly, we have very few handy-man skills, but we're giving it a go.

We found 2 great pieces at an flea market/antique store called Star Mill Antiques in American Fork...a side table and a dresser. The side table is for us and the dresser will be a wedding presesnt for my brother. Total both cost only 40 bucks.

My goal is to learn how to reuphoslter and restore so that when we have a house I can "make" a lot of our furniture.

We'll post our progress as we go.



  1. Thats what we did! I have done a couple of chairs, and its hard. But totally worth it!

  2. So fun! Way to go! By the way the blog looks great!

  3. Yeah!! I get to stalk you guys via blog now too! That is lucky! ;)